Wine bar in Córdoba

Vinoteca Ordóñez, taste the best wine Going on a wine route is always a good option to get to know a city and its people. But looking for a wine bar in Córdoba is looking for the flavor of the old and authentic Montilla-Moriles designation of origin. Certified as such at the beginning of the last century, but named much earlier: it is already referred to in Don Quixote, although it is not very clear if it refers to Montilla-Moriles or Sherry. One of the best wine bars in Córdoba Vinoteca Ordóñez is emerging as one of the best wine bars in Córdoba. Its variety of fine wines, sweet, amontillados, manzanillas, Pedro Ximénez, its professional attention, its dedication to perfect customer service, its unique setting in the only city in the world with four World Heritage titles and its cozy lounge make of the experience a delight for the senses. If we add to this the variety of tapas and typical dishes available to accompany such an exquisite drink and in which you can savor Córdoba, Vinoteca Ordóñez becomes one of the best wine bars in Córdoba. Don’t be surprised if when ordering a glass of wine they serve less … Sigue leyendo Wine bar in Córdoba