Tasting tapas in the Jewish quarter of Córdoba is a pleasure for the senses

Manger des tapas dans le quartier juif

Vinoteca Ordoñez has an exceptional location, within the Jewish Quarter of Córdoba. If we mix where we are located, with the delicacies that you can find inside our premises, you will find the best option to taste tapas in the Jewish quarter of Córdoba.

Reasons why they come to visit us

The good food of our city represents us, and that is that within our restaurant we offer dishes made with the best raw materials. Simple but at the same time innovative and modern food, with which we satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Having the possibility of enjoying tapas in the Jewish quarter of Córdoba is a pleasure for all the senses. We are not only talking about gastronomy, in which our city has great wealth, but also in the cultural heritage that we have in our city.

When we talk about the Jewish quarter, we are talking about the most charming neighborhood in the city. A central neighborhood and very visited by tourists.

Thanks to the location of our premises and our large terrace, you can enjoy incredible views of the Jewish quarter and of course, the Cathedral Mosque of Córdoba.

The best tapas in the Jewish quarter

If you are looking for a place to eat tapas, and get to know the essence of our city, without a doubt you must come to meet us and enjoy our delicious dishes and wines.

From Vinoteca Ordoñez we offer typical and traditional dishes of our culture, tasty and unmatched. Made with special dedication, with top quality raw materials that give a unique flavor.

We are specially dedicated to obtain your full satisfaction. We are lovers of our work and we want to guarantee that together with us we will have a great experience in our city.

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