Eat cheap in the center of Córdoba

Eat cheap in the center of Córdoba - Vinoteca Ordoñez

Is it possible to Eat Cheap in the Center of Córdoba?

The center of Córdoba is a delight for our senses. Walking through the Jewish quarter and finding and exploring -even in a free way- its monuments as an experience that many Cordobesians feel proud of. But is it possible to eat cheap in the center of Cordoba without losing the quality of what we consume?

Get to eat cheap in the center of Córdoba, in Vinoteca Ordoñez.

In Vinoteca Ordoñez we invite you to check that you can try the most traditional dishes of Córdoba with an innovative touch without spending a lot of money. Our kitchen team works with high quality and raw material products, so that all our customers leave our restaurant satisfied.

Our menu has a wide range of traditional products including fish, rice, salads, Iberian sausages, meats and scrambled eggs. All this cooked by our professionals with all the care and detail it deserves.

Also, in our Restaurant you can enjoy the same feeling that we described earlier when walking through the Jewish quarter, since our place is 20 meters from the Mosque and the decoration blends with the surroundings, thus obtaining all the comforts for the client without losing the personality of Cordoba.

We also enjoy a winery with the best national and international wines, including reservations, large reserves and champagnes. You can check it in our wine list.

The plan that we also offer you is to enjoy our terrace, equipped with a beautiful stone fountain, guarded by two orange trees that provide shade, aroma and color. You can observe the magnificent views of the mosque from there, while enjoying a good delicacy from our kitchen.

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